VIMAR  is a creative direction and consultancy based
in south korea,

the studio provide a fully integrated production
service to visualizing strategies, materialize and celebrate a variety of visual languages.

we are in charge of the production of the entire service.
Provides branding consulting services and creative direction
for post-production, casting and location scouting,
as well as editorial and advertising campaigns in the beauty,
fashion, lifestyle, and other industries.

Type of work:

Art direction, Advertising, Identity, Consulting, Visual Directing

Art, Set design, Graphic design, Editorial design,
Motion graphic, Digital design, Web design, Exhibition,
Publishing, Music Production, Collaboration.

Mate, The Space full of Her tastes.
Photography, Campaign, Art Directing

Royal Queens Secret, Whoo

Self-Generating Anti-Aging Concentrate

Modern reinterpretation of the Queen's secret space creates a luxurious beauty. The luxurious red-toned background of the "Self-Generating Anti-Aging Concentrate"placed in the Queen's space, which is both Korean and modern, The queen's space is composed of flower patterns and set objects to create a luxurious and modern atmosphere as if it were in the queen's space.

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© 2017-2023