VIMAR  is a creative direction and consultancy based
in south korea,

the studio provide a fully integrated production
service to visualizing strategies, materialize and celebrate a variety of visual languages.

we are in charge of the production of the entire service.
Provides branding consulting services and creative direction
for post-production, casting and location scouting,
as well as editorial and advertising campaigns in the beauty,
fashion, lifestyle, and other industries.

Type of work:

Art direction, Advertising, Identity, Consulting, Visual Directing

Art, Set design, Graphic design, Editorial design,
Motion graphic, Digital design, Web design, Exhibition,
Publishing, Music Production, Collaboration.

Whither, Roheyd

Roheyd's first season campaign, 'WHITHER', unfolds the free and rebellious journey of the '90s as a keyword. 'WHITHER', featuring chapters from ‘Somewhere’, ‘Anywhere’, and ‘Far Away’, follows their destination-free journey, in the background of the city center, in the car, and outside the city.

001. Nowhere for us

002. Escape from everyday

003. Wherever you want

Out of the flat and repetitive routines of the city, they go whither they please. At the end of this journey away from the everyday things that illiberal them down, They enjoyed a sense of liberation.


Nowhere for us

«Nowhere for us in this city.
We need to leave toward liberation for our blissful resting place.»

The achromatic background and modern styling expressed the emotions in the city.
‘Calico’ and ‘Musaka’, they wore, to give a feel of the city’s modern and classic mood.


Escape from everyday

«We finally decided to get in the car

and get out of the boring, repetitive routine.»

In the backdrop of red, which seems to be bursting with a desire for freedom,

It matched ‘Marées 01’ and ‘Small PE13’, modern designed, with bold-colored leather styling
to create a free and rebellious atmosphere.


Wherever you want

« We decided to leave the boring city and
leave wherever we wanted.»

Expressed the height of emotions through the contrast from the characters
shiningred toward liberation, the background of blue light with a sense of liberty,
and the achromatic ‘Marées 01’ and ‘RH1C1’.

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