WHOO Gongjinhyang Mi Royal Pact Product Film 19
Client : LG Healthy & Beautiful  Brand : The History Of Whoo

Whoo Gong-Jin-Hyang : We produced a brand visual film to mark the 10th anniversary of Royal Fact.
[Who: Royal Atelier Special Film] The Queen's workshop, which posted the most beautiful thing to the Queen, is planned as a visual concept. The product, which is born like the most beautiful piece of art of the court, was expressed in traditional elements of Korea and sophisticated mise-en-scene. The Royal Atelier,where the most exquisite art was to be created-Our 10th #Royalpact holiday edition
Cherishes the delicate beauty and craftmanshipof the Atelier. "Ultimate Regeneration" which represents the ideal balance with noble Heritage, is expressed as a balance of light.The silky and subtle beige gold color expresses a luxurious glow to create an elegant mood.